Lesser known facts of Odisha, And how awesome is ODISHA !


What is the first things comes to your mind when you here that word Rasogolla? A bengali sweet Right ! But it is originated from Odisha.

Lesser known facts of Odisha

2.Dr Abdul Kalam Island

Abdul Kalam is known as missile man of India, But did you know there is a island in Odisha after him; In this place most of the missile of India are tested.

Lesser known facts of Odisha

10 kilometres off the Odisha coast on the Bay of Bengal. The Island, which is about 2 kilometres in length and 390 acres.

3.Jagannath Temple

The world famous Jagganath temple in puri Odisha have lots of mystery around him. These are some interesting facts –

Lesser known facts of Odisha
  • Every day 500 to 600 cook come over there to cook the mahaprasad that get serve to all devotes.

4. Temple city of India

Bhubaneswar known as Capital city of Odisha, Also known as temple city in India. It has the highest number of temple, And it have around 600 Temple during material time.

5. White tiger

Odisha have world’s first white tiger safari ever, Which was inaugurated in 1991.

6. Sun Temple

The Konark temple which was built in 13th century also known as the sun temple . It have 24 Wheels which signifies 24 hours in a day.

One can precisely say what time it is just by looking at the shadows occur on the spokes.

5.Hide and seek beach

Chandipur beach is also known as hide and seek beach, because it disapper with high and low tide up to a distance of 5 Kilometer.

So, let me know in the comment which place in Odisha would you like to visit.

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