Odisha man builds bridge across river with his pension money

In Odisha’s Keonjhar district, a man built a bridge on his own expenditure, which was looking for government help for two decades. The work of the bridge is almost complete and a great need of the people of the village is going to be fulfilled.

This bridge is being built on the river Salindi. So far Gangadhar Raut has invested Rs 10 lakhs. Ready to apply even more when needed. Gangadhar, who is a villager, is amazed by this passion of Raut.


Gangadhar Raut said that “I thought that if I don’t build it, no one else will,” he said. “My nephew and I had surveyed several bridges in the area to get a good idea and after buying cement, bricks and iron rods, I started in October 2016.”

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