Two students from Odisha have eco-friendly pen made with newspaper, fruit and flowers; Price 5 to 7 rupees

Bhubaneswar: Two students living in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, made eco-friendly pen with the help of Newspaper fruits, flowers and flowers seeds. Indeed, Prem Pandey and Ahmed Raza have started their startup. He has kept the company’s name ‘Write’. Under this, students have made eco-friendly pen. Their price is 5 to 7 rupees.

This Eco-Friendly Pen is not only popular in India but also in Germany and Australia, these pens are available in the markets there.

Ahmed Raza said that unlike regular use and throw, people can throw the pens made by us in the soil or in a pot of soil after use, where it will sprout from seeds in a few days.

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