Green Man Of INDIA Dr. Abdul Ghani

Abdul Ghani, a social activist who  has planted close to 40 lakh trees by himself and many more lakh’s as part of the  Green Kalam initiative and he is the founder of IYONS (youth NGO summit). Mr Ghani has been part of almost any disaster relief operations be it Nepal Quake or the Uttarkhand floods. Mr Ghani spoke exclusively to The Logical Indian on his childhood, his entry into activism, association with Kalam, patriotism, the role of youth, secularism  among many others.

He was an average student at school, however he slowly nurtured his thoughts on doing good for the environment and the society as a whole. As to what triggered him into activism, he had set right a garbage situation which has lasted for long outside his office which was a cause of trouble for all. He learnt if one can step up, any problem could be solved.

He grew up as a very patriotic person,his respect for the army and the work they do can’t be quantified.He also told Patriotism could be a single panacea for many of the problems we face in India. If we are patriotic, it will be impossible to think of harming a fellow citizen. Very grateful that people have always looked up to me for my patriotism

His message is mainly for youth that they are the future and they are the hope for a future. The youth of our country are special, they are passionate about what they do, they don’t wear their religion on their sleeves and that is why they are our best chance or perhaps our only chance for peace and prosperity.


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